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Freed wanted him to leave so he could be alone with his shame. His thighs were truly in agony now, and he could feel a tiny damp spot on his underwear as his bladder felt heavy with need and his cock twitched to clench back. Parts of it might be for my pleasure, not yours. That's why you need to work with me. Then he cried out in slight horror. Using some of the lube that now dripped down Freed's cock, Laxus coated his gloved finger and slid it down to the pale ass. He wanted to prove he was better than merely decent. Laxus went to the bedroom and returned with kneepads and massive padded paw mitts like a cartoonish kitty. Looks like I finally found the right button to push.


Holy shit! My boy Dingo put his dick in at 10:29 and came out cumming at 11:35. Anyone who can make Dingo cum in the short a timespan is truly one of a kind. Jessa prolly knew that too as his cum trickled down her tummy, she was prolly thinking about how incredible her pussy was to make that happen.


Brandi- The Goddess


i like it..

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